Our Newest Addition

This semester, we are welcoming Antoine Williams into our art department!  Antoine is a recent graduate from UNC Chapel Hill, where he received an MFA in studio art.  Although he’s been teaching in academia for a while, it is clear that Antoine is very much a practicing artist.  In looking at his work (check out his website, http://rawgoods.org/artwork/3770541.html) and in taking his 2-D Design Course (which I am so pleased to be a part of) it is clear that AntoineRead more

Are You There Guilford? It’s Us, Hand Eye

△▽ First off, kudos to our new President Jane Fernandes. On August 26th an inauguration was held in her honor, as she was named Guilford’s 9th– and very first female president. She is also the first deaf woman to lead an American college or university. Following the ceremony, sticking to Guilford’s quaker roots set in simplicity and responsible stewardship, a club and talents fair engrossed the quad. As Jane rolled her sleeves up to plant a celebratory oak tree, I saw sculpture instructor, Mark Dixon‘sRead more

PITH | 2015 Online!

Hello there! Long time, no posts! It’s been quite a bit of a break between posts on here, and you certainly haven’t heard from me in a while, but I write to you now to offer you the chance to check out the 2015 Senior Thesis show, PITH, without even leaving your home. You don’t even have to be wearing pants, but that’s your decision, ultimately.  Go get yourself some refreshing snacks, perhaps a beverage, and allow me to guide youRead more

Maintaining Your Work Over Winter Break

As the semester comes to an end, a rush of relaxation fills most students’ bodies and minds. It is finally time to be free- from deadlines, meetings, obligations. But what will we do with all this free time? Sure, a month and a half can go by pretty fast. Especially with holidays and vacations and perhaps short-term classes filling that void. However, breaks are no excuse to veg out completely. While it can be easy to succumb to a lifetime ofRead more

Curate your life!

An unassuming door sits to the right of Terry Hammond’s office. She is the Founding Director and the Curator of the Guilford College Art Gallery. Her office is buried in a quiet hallway on the lowest level of the Hege Library. I learned about the room this door leads to a few weeks ago when visiting her for another story. I asked her for suggestions about other things we might cover and she opens this door, and explains it leadsRead more

New Pop-Up Art Gallery Comes to Greensboro

The thought of what the future holds is daunting for just about any college student. It doesn’t help that adults and peers alike feel it’s appropriate to pepper undergraduates with questions about their studies and how they plan to utilize them. There are a variety of paths that art students can follow post graduation- and perhaps before- but the common goal seems to be sharing one’s work for others to appreciate. This is exactly what Jeff Beck was able to do thisRead more

Is Nature Art? Depends on how you look at it…

With Fall Break a full month behind us, and Thanksgiving break right around the corner, please take a moment to sit with season before winter moves in. The chill in the air has us hurrying to class, trying to stay warm, but campus is especially beautiful in the fall. The trees sway in the wind, erupting in brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows. Vigilant evergreens stand out, contrasting against the sunset colored leaves that let loose with each passing wind. IS natureRead more

Made 4 the Holidays Fair this Sunday!

If waiting ’til the last minute isn’t your thing, get your holiday shopping done early this Sunday at the Farmers Curb Market. This special event will feature handmade goods from a variety of local artisans.  You can expect art, jewelry, pottery and more. This is the perfect way to support your fellow artist and maybe even network or exchange ideas while you’re at it.Read more

Art Thesis Studio Open House

Today’s the day… It’s the moment you have all been waiting for… The big reveal is almost here… So head on out to Hildebrandt House at 7:30 for the Art Thesis Studio Open House! It will be featuring the work of these lovely people: Sam Metzner (photography) Subha Semetaite (digital photography) Maggie Flath (ceramics) Isabel Ramirez (mixed media) Samantha Rose Saatzer (painting) Gloria Taylor-Williams (painting) Eleanora Keene (painting) Raina Märtens (sculpture) They are all Senior Thesis students who will beRead more

The Fifth Alumni Art Exhibition is around the corner!

The 5th Alumni Art Exchange is TOMORROW and here is a highlight of the featured Alumni! Be sure to check them and others out, and don’t miss the Collabrative Art Project by our own Mark Dixon from  9am to 12pm on the second floor of Hege-Cox! Charlotte Fitz Daniels ‘91  Charlotte Fitz Daniels is the Executive Director and Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at the Greenville Museum of Art. In addition to her studies at Guilford College, she has a BFARead more