E-Zine Dreams

It’s finals week here at Guilford, but we have other things on the brain here at Hand/Eye– Our first digital art magazine. What is a digital magazine you ask? Rather than a physical copy of a magazine that is flippable, front to back, a digital magazine allows readers to click, scroll and browse as they wish. These so-called “E-Zines,”are uniquely versatile as readers can click through hyperlinks, leading them through various portals of the web. We can even link to personalRead more

Art Folks, There Is Opportunity

Over Thanksgiving Break, up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina outside of Asheville, I had the chance to visit Penland School of Craft. Penland describes itself as a place that “serves people whose lives are focused in making things and those who engage with craft as an enhancement for their lives.” Throughout the year, Penland offers a series of one-week, two-week, and eight-week workshops in books & paper, clay, drawing, glass, iron, metals, photography, printmaking and letterpress, textilesRead more

A Collaborative Post: Student Art Show + Art Thesis Open House

This post includes the writing and photographs of two authors: Juliet Magoon & Elena Sippel. This year’s Student Art Show was extremely diverse. The show featured a wide array of mediums as well as plenty of thought stimulating subject matter. Walking through the show during the opening reception on November 5th, I noticed the gleam in attendees eyes’ as they scanned the room. Each piece was so different from the next, evoking a sort of magical sensory overload. Elena andRead more

“All You Knit is Love”

Knitting needles tirelessly click away to the beat of energetic bluegrass ensemble, Zinc Kings. A slew of knitters, old and young, knit and purl merrily to the upbeat twang of the fiddle. Kids run back and forth over the bridge, in awe of the magical array of colors and patterns. The celebration took place on the Walker Avenue bridge in Greensboro on Saturday, November 14th, marking the 100th anniversary of the Lindley Park neighborhood. The event was called, Knit the Bridge, as over 100Read more

You be You: A Look Inside of Photothon

Several weeks ago, Photothon was the place to be. Photothon is a school-wide event sponsored by Photo Club. In talking with Colin Nollet, a current art student here and a main organizer of the event, I learned that Photothon is meant to “give artistic opportunities that aren’t normally given out.” What might this mean?  Photothon gives all students—not just art students—the chance to come out and make art together. Besides that, Photothon is an event that presents an opportunity uniqueRead more

Come on out to the Water Bar

Come out this weekend to Elsewhere to visit the Water Bar.  Colin Kloecker is a visiting artist from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, where he has worked and collaborated on many different projects.  Water Bar is a project that has been traveling across the United States that is meant to bring our awareness to the water we drink everyday.  If you visit the bar this Saturday the 6th, from 5-7 pm, you’ll get to taste test tap water coming fromRead more


In the last post we mentioned the Student Art Show, which is TONIGHT at 5:30 in upstairs founders! ❀ We wanted to stress how awesome this event is. What makes it unique is that it is almost fully lead and ran by students. Every year, art thesis students hang, label and work out the lighting displays for the whole show. This year, the show is jam-packed with talent. WIth a large array of mediums, styles and content, it’s an awesome opportunity to checkRead more

Student Art Show Is Almost Here…

Mark your calendars for the annual Student Art Show on Thursday, November 5 at 5:30pm in upstairs Founders Hall. Following the show, around 7:30pm, be sure to head to the Hildebrandt Studio Open House to check out what thesis students have been working on this semester. Should be an exciting evening of art and celebration, there might even be some live music! Check out some behind the scenes process shots of the Art thesis students and Art faculty members setting upRead more

Shots on Shots on Shots

That’s right. I was taking pictures of pictures of pictures in Antoine Williams’ Painting I class this last Wednesday. Initially, I was told that the Painting I students had been assigned to appropriate a classical portrait.  This means changing the face of the subject in the portrait to be their own. Pretty cool, right? When I walked into the classroom though, there was already a team of photographers there. Apparently word got around that it was an exciting morning toRead more

What is 3D Printing Anyways?

☟ This year, the Art Department welcomed a shiny new asset– the Makerbot: Replicator Mini. It’s a compact-style 3D printer that allows those of us who are not familiar with even the basics of 3D printing, to give it a go. A special thanks to Judie Rinearson for donating the Makerbot, thanks to her this could be the start of something new here at the Art Department. So, on to the basics. In short, 3D printing is the creation of 3-dimensional solid objects fromRead more