What Free Press Does on Guilford’s Campus

Freedom of speech is a liberty constantly under fire in today’s media. With issues as recent as the deconstruction of Columbus monument in Baltimore to players throughout all major league sports exercising their right to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner the preservation of freedom of speech is as essential as it’s always been. On Guilford’s campus a group of dedicated students are committed to promoting free speech, knowledge, and political safety through an organization called ‘Free Press’. Earlier todayRead more

Side By Side: a Review of Two Artists One Space

Sharing a space can be challenging. However, the execution of Two Artists One Space, currently exhibiting at Greenhill, leaves few seams visible in the pursuit of combining two narratives. As one might predict, the exhibit features the work of two artists on a mission to explore different themes regarding identity and belonging through mixed media and multi-dimensional installations. The featured artists include Guilford professor Antoine Williams and Peruvian native Renzo Ortega. When placed next to each other William’s and Ortega’sRead more

Senior Thesis

“Disparate” Every year juniors are asked to apply for the Senior Thesis Exhibition. Each student candidate has to have at least a 3.25 GPA in art to be accepted. If they are accepted they work very hard on the art they would like to showcase. Critiques from their professors help them progress to completing their works until they create what they deem worthy enough to put into Senior Thesis. This year Guilford’s Art Department showcased five talented artists including: Martin Brown (BachelorRead more

y’all, Thesis bout to get REAL

The Senior Thesis Art Exhibition, titled “Disparate,” opens Friday, May 5th, from 7-9pm. The reception will be held in the Bauman Galleries, 2nd floor in Founders Hall, on the College campus. Admission to the exhibition and reception is free! Join the Art Department in celebrating the thesis work of Martin Brown, Kate Mitchell, Colin Nollet, Seth Premo, and Grace VanFleet.   What’s the title of your collection? VanFleet: While They Sleep Unaware Mitchell: Hidden– it explores the hidden significance of objectsRead more

Art After Guilford

What Happens After Graduation On Thursday, April 27th, 2017 four Guilford College Alumni came to discuss what they did after the graduated with an art degree. Each Alumni talked for about 10 minutes then answered any questions. Julia Hood, Natalia Petkov, Ray Knirs, and Ben Stinson all spoke on what they are doing with their degrees. It was a casual setting and was a great experience to hear what everyone had to say. Julia Hood Julia Hood has a B.A.Read more

Baby Goats and Scavenger Hunts: A Brunnenburg Semester

In Dorf Tirol, a small town in northern Italy, a group of Guilfordians are currently living in Brunnenburg castle as a part of Guilford’s study abroad program. The castle is owned and operated by the descendants of Ezra Pound, an xpatriot American poet who can be found in the cannon of 20th century literature. The program involves a “sustainable acriculture practicum,” where students help out with maintaining the castle’s farm and vineyard, as well as an “agro-archaeology,” “environmental ethics,” andRead more

Upcoming Events in The Art Department

The Art Department Welcomes You To These Following Events: WGSS + FREE PRESS Wednesday, April 19th 1-3:30pm Hege-Cox Print Shop Join the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program and Free Press this coming Wednesday the 19th at Hege-Cox for a special WGSS Free Press event! We’ll be printing conference posters and t-shirts as well as other Free Press designs!   ART DEPARTMENT PARTICIPATES IN GUS Friday, April 21st GUS 10:00am-4:00pm Art Department Mash Up in the Carnegie Room Object andRead more

Saba Taj visits Guilford

“My show at Guilford right now is called We have adorned everything on earth, which is a little snippet from the Quran and the work explores destruction and transformation as a metaphor for revolution.” Saba Taj is a queer + muslim artist visiting from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Taj spoke to the Guilford community Tuesday night, April 4th, as a part of the Art and Identity Discussion Series, on their work that narrates liberation from oppression through inspiration from IslamicRead more

Free Press Serendipity Edition

What is Printmaking? Free Press is an event where students can create and witness the art of printmaking. People go for the awesome shirt and poster designs, and to also create their own stamps. There’s so much about printmaking that people do not know (No, it is not a piece of paper coming out of a machine). I asked to wonderful seniors who are studying printmaking. Taylor Brown, and Grace Van Fleet both help me understand printmaking. Here are someRead more

Art Department does Serendipity

The Art Department will be participating in Serendipity weekend. Come check us out at the following events!     Free Press on Friday, March 31st 1:30p.m.-4:00p.m. in Hege-Cox Print Shop Free Press and Advance Sculpture will be at Lake Fest from 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m. on Saturday, April 1st. Free Press will be giving out hand made mini prints, and candy! Advance Sculpture will be displaying their recent works!   Check out Guilford College’s Facebook!Read more