Conversation Through Art

Artist Michaela Pilar Brown Visits Guilford by Annie Lattimore The artist, Michaela Pilar Brown’s project “Burying Seeds” is full of personal pieces based on the body and her idea of home. During her talk in the Guilford College Art Gallery on Thursday night, she spoke about identity, history, and race. Brown also spoke on her life and the state of our country during President Trump’s travel ban. After taking some time off of her art to become a caregiver andRead more


Thinking of going to a protest in the near future? Need rally fliers,  stickers, patches, postcards, and signs? Drop by the print shop of Hege Cox (second floor middle room) this Friday between 1-4:30 pm to make your own! In conjunction with the All Black Everything symposium, and in partnership with MED and the English and Creative Writing Department, Free Press is an open house event for students, alumni,  faculty, and staff to come together as a community and voice their frustrationsRead more

Printing Protestors

Three social justice blog posts in a row? Tis the season! Ahhh, yet another interdisciplinary Guilford moment where art, literature, and social justice came together to create something powerful and strong. Printmaking professor Katy Collier hosted a protest sign carving party on Monday where participants could carve wood or linoleum blocks to create their own protest slogan stamps. It was great to see people who had never carved before learn the skill of printmaking and create cool and important artRead more

Painting the Town Red

Social justice, community leadership, and art all wrapped into one is exactly the kind of formula ’01 alumna, Molly Gochman, has created with her latest ongoing work, The Red Sand Project. Molly is Guilford’s 2016 Young Alumni Achievement Award recipient. She came to campus last Monday to receive her award and invited Guilford students to participate in the Red Sand Project, as evident by our walkways throughout campus. At the award ceremony, Jane Fernandes described Molly’s work as art that is “informingRead more

Art in the Time of Election Season aka The Juried Student Show

This year’s Juried Student Show is a refreshing reminder that art is a powerful tool. Right before the opening on Thursday, I went to my Intro to Fiction class taught by Myléne Dressler. Too shook up to discuss the book we were reading, we sat in a circle and discussed our thoughts about the election results and what role fiction, and all forms of art, hold in the wake of world events. We determined that art can help us spreadRead more

Hildebrandt Open House!

At 8 pm on Thursday, after the Student Show, everyone is invited to head on over to Hildebrandt for the Senior Thesis student’s open house event! Get an inside look at our studio spaces and see what we’ve been up to this semester as we prepare for the Thesis exhibit in the Spring! Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Here’s what to expect: Seth Premo’s thesis project is all about furniture. He is designing his work with modern aesthetics, using primarily woodRead more

Don’t Miss Out!

There are two incredible opportunities coming up for you to showcase your artwork! ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ First off, there is the 2016 Juried Student Show! Entering this is a great way to show Guilford what you’ve been creating lately, as well as a chance to sell your work! The instructions are as followed: Select up to three of your best pieces. Print and attach a copy of the submission form to each piece you are submitting Submit the labeled pieces to the faculty member who teaches in the relevantRead more

It’s the Little Things

  Hege-Cox is a very unique building on Guilford’s campus. Where else can you find walls full of handprints, free-range squirrels, graffiti, and aggressively written signs demanding clean surfaces? Not King, that’s for damn sure. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I was recently told about a theory called the Broken Windows Theory, which basically assumes “if a window is broken and left unrepaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares.” Sure, there are holes in our walls that go unpatched and air ventsRead more

Texting in Class

So many of our blog posts here at Hand Eye revolve around visiting artists and big events, but it’s important to remember that this is a college blog, run out of a college classroom by college students, so I’m using this week’s post to showcase a very cool classroom assignment. After all, that’s what we do here at Guilford: get assignments and make crazy amazing art that deserves recognition. º º º º º º º Mark Dixon’s Sculpture I class, which deals with the fundamentalsRead more

Woven Together

On Wednesday, September 14th, the exhibit, “Welcoming the Stranger”, a collaborative project by Jo Israelson that brings awareness to the immigrant experience, opened in the center atrium gallery at Hege Library. I found the exhibit very interactive and inviting. There are chalkboards asking us to write down how we welcome the stranger, and there are looms out for us to contribute lines of fabric and yarn to a few ever-growing tapestries- all of this happening under the soft shade ofRead more