Zine Tour at Elsewhere

As mentioned in a previous update, Elsewhere hosted a workshop pertaining to the intersections between queer identity and immigrants’ rights last Thursday evening. The event, which was co-sponsored by QPOCC (Queer People of Color Collective) and the Queer Explorers Club, was an outright success.

The discussion was facilitated by Li Morales, Essex Lordes, and Molly Goldberg, all three of whom travelled from San Francisco to promote their recently published zine: “Undoing Borders: A Queer Manifesto.” This project began in 2007, when a group of representatives from the San Francisco chapter of Pride @ Work/HAVOQ formed a contingent to the US/Mexico No Borders Camp in Calexico/Mexicali. Morales, Lordes, and Goldberg explained that when a group of queer organizers originally expressed concern for immigrants’ rights, they met contention and inquiry. Thus, they produced a document that delineates the motives and methods of their work. Assessing yet reaching beyond the clear predicament in which queer couples of different citizenships lie, the said zine examines how all sorts of problematic borders affect queer individuals and communities.

The event at Elsewhere was a stop in the zine’s ongoing tour, which is being documented in this Undoing Borders blog. It was well-organized, enlightening, and engaging; and a strong delegation of Guilford students was represented.

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