Wayman’s Exhibition in Ormond Beach

Though it has been only modestly publicized by the agencies of Guilford College, the current chairperson of our art department, Adele Wayman, will be one of two artists exhibiting recent work at the Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum in Ormond Beach, Florida this coming weekend. The show, entitled Image and Abstraction, will also feature the art of Neil Jussila of Montana State University.

While Wayman and Jussila had not previously met, they discovered they shared a few peculiar similarities upon their first face-to-face encounter. Both artists are avid hikers and fly-fishers, and they both recently underwent heart operations.

Whereas Jussila’s paintings could be catergorized as abstract expressionist, Wayman’s work is more representational, featuring realistic depictions of flora with communicative backgrounds. She calls the aformentioned body of work “Painted Gardens.” This is her corresponding artist’s statement:

“Art inspires me as much as nature. I delight in a Chinese brush painting of a peony; a tiny painting by Martin Johnson Heade of orchids and a hummingbird;  the delicacy and suggestiveness of Manet’s small late flower studies or Maria Sybille Merian’s botanical illustrations of the life cycle of butterflies.  Abstraction, large scale, color and the movement of brush and paint are equally compelling.  Willem de Kooning’s wild swoops of brush and vivid color; Joan Mitchell’s lyrical and passionate evocations of French landscape; Cy Twombly’s long vertical series of Seasons. 

 Seated daily meditation reminds me that nothing is permanent.  Daylilies only bloom for one day.  Paint in the process of making a painting drips down from a flower.  I am grateful for the whole cycle – of flowers, birds and butterflies, ourselves, all beings, making paintings and offering them to be enjoyed by others.” 

While a trip to Florida would be quite the trek for most of us Guilfordians, we send our best wishes and congratulations to Adele as she exhibits her talent and hard work to the lucky patrons of Northern Florida. The show will run until November 1st.

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