Alex Minkin at the Colburn

Recent Guilford graduate Alex Minkin (2011) has an upcoming exhibition with The Colburn Earth Science Museum. Entitled “Inner Earth Illuminated: Caves of the Southeastern United States,” the show will feature Minkin’s inventive photographs of some of the South’s geological wonders

Minkin has been exploring caves with his father his whole life, and he has been photographing them for about five years now. When asked why he found caves to be an appealing artistic subject, he replied:

“They are dark, dirty and dangerous. They’re unforgiving and you have to respect them for your own safety, especially ones with a lot of water. They play on all of your senses.”

Most of Minkin’s favorite cavernous locations are in Tennessee, but he has also likes to  shoot in certain areas of Georgia and Virginia.

This show also has familial implications for Minkin. Caving is a special experience the artist shares with his father; one piece in the exhibition is titled “My Father’s Place.” Minkin also had words of gratitude to say about how his father has supported his photography interests through the years.

Next, Minkin might pursue a career in graphic design or commercial photography, but he hopes to continue showing his personal work as well.

The show opens Friday, October 14th at the Colburn Museum in Asheville.

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