Guilford’s Own Embark on Art Adventure

A sketch from the roadtrip

A sketch from their travels

Guilford students Tom Clement and Giovanna Selvaggio, along with Tyler Kelly and Tommy Sherrod, are using this Fall as an opportunity for exploration and expression. The four young adults are traversing across America and documenting the lives of interesting people they encounter through film, drawing, and photography.

This group comprises an artistic bunch. Giovanna is a ceramics minor at Guilford, and both she and Tyler have talent for drawing. Tommy is a musician, and Tom Clement is an avid photographer and filmmaker whose abilities range from making documentaries to producing music videos. “Ever since I took a television production course in middle school, filmmaking has been a passion/hobby of mine, and I continued to take courses throughout high school. Recently, in addition to my documentary work and budding interest in photography, I’ve been making music videos for musicians such as Guilford’s Beau Young Prince, and Quaker musician, Jon Watts.”

The original idea for their expedition was to exclusively interview people living in communes or intentional communities, but they later decided that while they want community to be an underlying theme in this series, they are going to hear stories from all demographics.

As they travel, they are relying on the graciousness of others and their own frugality for sustenance. Each interview incluces a 1-3 minute video segment, an ink profile drawing by either Giovanna or Tyler, a black and white portrait photograph, and paragraph describing how the interviewee was encountered. Their route is mostly predetermined, as are some of the people on whom they will focus, but many of the interviews will be of individuals they meet on the trip.

The work they produce through this experience does not have an agenda; they simply want to “fall in love with America again,” learn about different practices of communal living, make art, and do the things they love with friends. We wish them safe travels and hope to hear about their discoveries upon their return. Here is a link to the blog they maintain when they have internet access.

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