Holly Wilson: Dulce Soul Jewels

Holly Wilson

Everyone knows that art department faculty is made up of amazingly gifted and unique artists. What is lesser known is the artistic talent that lies in the individuals that work on campus outside of the beloved Hege Cox. This talent can be seen in the faculty and staff show currently on display in the library, but also in a smaller space in the Multicultural Resource Center on the first floor of King. Holly Wilson, Director of Multicultural Education, does not have her work hanging in the library but it is usually dangling from her ears.  Holly specializes in what she calls “hand forged and hammered earrings, ear wraps, necklaces, rings, and hair flair.” Raw copper and brass, paired elegantly with stones such as jade, agate, and carnelian, make up Holly’s jewelry line “Dulce Soul Jewels.”

(all photos credit Holly Wilson)

Holly has been making jewelry for about seven years, and selling it for three. She describes her process as a stress reliever. “It’s practical, physical, something I can really get in to,” Holly says, “I love that it is absolutely my thing.” Holly’s jewelry mirrors her character; spirited and energetic. Each piece is one of a kind. Asymmetry is achieved by Holly’s eagerness to jump right into her work without making templates. Her enthusiasm for her work sometimes causes restlessness. If an idea for a piece comes to mind, she tells me she “can’t sleep until it is finished. If an idea comes to me in the middle of the night, I cannot sleep until I get out of bed and make it.” Two earrings complement each other, but are not going to be exact matches, resulting in animated and dynamic qualities that cannot be achieved with factory-made, store-bought jewelry.

Holly does sell her jewelry online and in person. If interested, check out her website www.dulcesouljewels.etsy.com. There are a few pictures and descriptions up now, but the website is currently under construction. Stop by anytime to meet Holly, she is in the middle office when you enter the MRC.

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