Discussion Piece: Occupy Wall Street

As members of a politically aware community, Guilford students have certainly ascertained at least some level of familiarity with Occupy Wall Street and its related movements.  


The Occupy protests may be instigating thought on relationships between class and a creatively driven lifestyle among those of us involved in the art department. I came across the Occupenial Art Database, a blog dedicated to art actions and artists involved in the movement, and decided to write a piece for Hand/Eye centered on some of the topics it covers.


Hand/Eye will be interviewing local activists involved with Occupy Greensboro this week, but first we would like to see our readers’ thoughts on the intersections between art and class:


 What do the Occupy movements mean for working artists?

 How does capitalist, ruling class domination affect the sphere of visual arts?

Is art currently relegated to higher socioeconomic classes?

Does art have different values depending on the class standpoint from which it is approached?


Feel free to answer any or all of these questions as thoroughly or briefly as you want. Other related input is also welcome. Check back for the upcoming feature on this topic, and if you are involved with Occupy Greensboro and would like to be interviewed, e-mail me at fillingimhg@guilford.edu.

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