Student Art Show

It has been about a week since the opening of the annual juried student art show, and what an opening it was! The evening started off nicely, with a nice group of people helping themselves to cheese and crackers. Ballots were being passed around and handed back in. A variety of side conversations could be heard all around, from congratulating the artists whose work was chosen, to complimenting the thesis students’ flawless execution of setting up the show. I even heard people joking with Mark about how cute the little pink hat belonging to his daughter looked on him. Altaire Anderson, out of breath from running over to founders after class set up the new set of sculptures for her item exchange. The first round of items lasted mere seconds before art students and faculty who knew of the piece before coming whipped out their own miniature creations for a quick exchange. Maia and Charlie made the last call for ballots, and then snuck off to an unknown location to count them up. By the time they returned the crowd had really grown, shuffling past each other to look through the magnifying glass at Justin Poe’s Nail Head House, or to marvel at Matt Putney’s underwear hanging on a wall just inside the gallery. The announcement was made that the results were ready to be announced, and everyone gathered around to hear the winners for each category announced:

Painting: Emily Stamey, Chance

Photo: Leah Netsky, Air

Sculpture: Altaire Anderson, Family Portrait

Drawing: Tara Wright, Laura by Lamp (below)

Print Making: Lauren McClure, Untitled

Ceramics: Tara Wright, Bottle Jams (first picture)

2-D: Katie Maloney, Gaspers Great Victory

3-D: David Kaison, Balance of Dissymmetry

Viewers Choice went to Justin Poe for Brick House

The winners slowly approached Maia and Charlie as their name was called, humble artists embarrassed by the limelight. Everyone showed their appreciation for the rest of the night with personal congratulations. The evening concluded as people drifted off little by little. The show is not over though, everything is still on display, and will be for the next couple of weeks. If you have not been by, be sure to do so before it is too late!

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