Hildebrandt Open Studio

In years past the senior thesis students’ secret life in Hildebrandt remained hidden from the general public. This year, the thesis students, along with the support of the art department faculty, decided to change all of that and host an open studio walkthrough consisting of art, music, a performance, and of course snacks. The first semester of the thesis experience usually consists of working out ideas and developing themes and directions for further study. The results of this practice however, are not to be shown in the thesis showing at the end of the school year. The open studio functioned as a way for all that work to still be seen by everyone. Although some of the thesis students expressed a bit of nervousness because a lot of the work is still in progress, the showing was still an excellent way to show all of the hard work and get the seed of an idea of thesis planted in some younger student’s heads. Each artist had their studio set up with some completed and some in progress works on display. In the basement Erick Armbrust was sitting carving some bone as his friend played music on an electrical piano. Altaire Anderson attracted a lot of attention and tears as she chopped onions as part of a performance piece with alumni Brittany May. Arthur Wood could be heard upstairs yelling “Don’t touch my prints!” Patrick Hyland sat in his dark studio as some of his images were projected onto a white sheet, while next door Kevin Bates sat in his painting studio surrounded by portraits of himself and some family members. Leah Netsky showed photographs in pairs, something she hopes to continue next semester. Tara Wright’s studio was dimly lit, allowing the forms of her ceramic pieces to stand out on a table by the door. The smallest work on display was that of Justin Poe, a house on the tip of a pen. The open studio was a hit, and is sure to become a tradition for the Guilford thesis students. After a semester of long hours in studio, tough critiques, and deadlines they set for themselves, it was time for well deserved recognition, and one night of open doors at Hildebrandt was a great way for that to happen.

(click images for larger picture)

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