Senior Thesis Spotlight: Patrick Hyland

Westminster, Pennsylvania is home to this week’s Senior Thesis Spotlight photographer Patrick Hyland. His senior year of high school Patrick enrolled in a photography course. A few months later he received a camera as a graduation present and has been taking pictures ever since. The idea of thesis intrigued Patrick, and as a result he applied and is now undergoing an intense bout of conceptual exploration. Self portraits have become the method of choice for this artist. On display at the thesis exhibition will most likely be digital prints of the man himself showcasing his views on identity, and not knowing what around you is real. This has developed from last semester’s exploration of how one is viewed by others. Patrick credits Kathryn Shields for pointing him in the direction of some other photographers who use self portraits as a source of inspiration.

Patrick has put his own spin on this by combining costume, masks, and digital projection in his final print. Layering images on top of one another is something that Patrick plans to continue to explore this semester. All of his images read as other worldly. His images provide a gateway into his mind. Not everything is clear or easily understood, but it seems that this was the artist’s intention, as one’s own mind is never completely implicit.There is a mysterious aura created by the addition of digital projection on to his body in his images. He says the most challenging part of the thesis project is organizing the multitude of ideas that come to mind. For those of you thinking about applying for thesis, he says to have a careful outline of where a project can go, and do not let the idea of the work overwhelm you to the point that you do not get started.

After Guilford, Patrick will most likely pursue a graduate degree, possibly back home in the Philadelphia area.

The thesis show should have a good balance of the spectrum of styles of photography, and we are excited to see what images Hyland will be pinning to the walls in Founders.

Stay tuned for our final Thesis Spotlight: Painter Kevin Bates 

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