“A Traveling Masterpiece Experiment”

Hello! As my first contribution to the Hand/Eye, I thought it would be fun to create an experiment with all of you. Watch the video below on how to easily get involved with this fun and interactive community art!


8 responses to “A Traveling Masterpiece Experiment”

  1. Zachary Kronisch says:

    Feb 6: Zachary Kronisch (kronischzi@guilford.edu) or (860-208-0908)

  2. D'vorah says:

    So, If I want to participate, I would pick it up from you Zach, add something to it, post on here that it is ready, and somebody else will get it and add to it?

    • Zachary Kronisch says:

      D’Vorah, that is exactly it, yes! Just make sure that you have logged that you have picked it up first, then when you are done post that it is ready for pick-up. However- Adam Faust just picked it up but has yet to post that he has it. You will have to pick it up from him. i will contact him to let you know when he is done. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Adam Faust says:

    I’m Done! The TME is a big sheet of paper with a gold border on the bottom now, I left it in the Sculpture Studio, go get it and it’s yours!

    • D'vorah says:

      I got it! (Well, I’m leaving it in the Sculpture Studio and working on it there so nothing happens to it in my room). I’ll post when I’m done!

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