Anomaly Inc. presents “The New Obsolete,” a performance series by Invisible

  • For the month of February, sound and art ensemble, Invisible, will be
    in downtown Durham performing their 2012 work, “The New Obsolete.”

    Each performance will feature different opening acts, sidewalk
    shows, food trucks and general mayhem. Arrive hungry in every way!

    The New Obsolete is Invisible thinking out loud about obsolescence in technology and the human body. The performance unfolds in a landscape of outmoded consumer devices, elaborate sound-making inventions, video monitors, projections and four human elements.

    At the center of the composition is a professional typist, whose words are transposed into sound by the Selectric Piano, an electromechanical adaptor that turns each letter typed into a note played on a piano. A tiny video camera mounted on the typewriter allows the text to be projected, adding the written word to the audio and visual experience.

    The New Obsolete is also the debut performance for Invisible’s newest invention, a ten foot tall contraption that uses dripping water and human heartbeats to control mechanical instruments. For the sake of nostalgia, Invisible chooses to include guitars, keyboards, cymbals and other obsolescing sound technologies.

    Between showdates, Invisible’s instruments will remain on display alongside continuous projections of work from local and international video artists.

    This multifaceted event would not have been plausible without the genius and energy of Anomaly Inc.

    Show Schedule:
    Saturday, Feb 11th
    with Strange Beauty Film Festival: A Primer

    Friday, Feb 17th
    with Microcephalic Superintendent

    Saturday, Feb 18th
    with Felix Obelix

    Friday, Feb 24th
    with Tom Merrigan

    Saturday, Feb 25th
    with Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan

    food trucks & sidewalk shows…. 7:00
    openers………………………………. 8:00
    Invisible………………………………. 8:30
    door …………………………………… $7

    The New Obsolete was produced with support by the North Carolina Arts
    Council and partnering arts councils of the Central Piedmont Regional
    Artists Hub Program.

    For more on Invisible, visit

    More on the openers:

    Strange Beauty Film Festival ( )

    Felix Obelix ( )

    Microcephalic Superintendent ( )

    Tom Merrigan ( )

    Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan ( )

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