Banner Contest for GuilCo SoJo

From Izzy Elliot:

“Calling all artists and photographers!

We are looking to update the GuilcoSoJo banner with student work.  We’re looking for submissions related to social justice, community, activism, diversity, Greensboro, or anything you feel stays true to the inclusive vision and voice of the blog.  

Drawings, paintings, photographs, and things created in Photoshop or other programs are all welcome, as long we are able to upload them as a .jpg onto the site.  The contest runs through April 16th, and we will be rotating the banner picture with new submissions.  Everyone’s art will be featured!

The prize is a $20 gift certificate to a local establishment of your choice. (Think Greenleaf, or your favorite restaurant in the Friendly Center, for example.)

Please email submissions to  Feel free to add a description if you would like that included with your work.”

Check out their blog here.

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