This Year Concluded with Two Great Events!

Wow. This past weekend was filled with amazing art. Thursday evening provided the Guilford community a chance to venture off campus in support of one of our own, professor Roy Nydorf. A collection of works spanning forty years filled the Greenhill Center for NC Art.

The gallery space buzzed with conversation between Guilford students, faculty, and alumni, as well as family members and friends of the artist. Works ranged in size from that of a postcard to canvases only slightly smaller than the wall they were hung on. Subject matter varied from self portraits in the form of etchings, to moths and butterflies rendered in pastels.

Many know Roy for his printmaking and drawing practices, but the exhibition also gave us a look at his sculptural practice of wood carving. “It is rare to find an artist that has such a high level of skill in so many different practices” said one man who did not know Roy personally, but drove up from Georgia just to see the show. Words like “Amazing” and “unbelievable” were heard by students throughout the gallery.

On the following night, the Guilford community gathered with friends and family in the gallery of Founders hall to celebrate the opening of this year’s thesis show, Flux. Works were discussed with the artists and guestbooks were filled with encouraging words. Eggshells were scattered under foot as Altaire Anderson’s piece was affected by the audience. Viewers were encouraged to use a pair of scissors to remove a collection of eggshells hung from a white metal structure. Each grouping came with a scroll with a story of loss Anderson gathered from friends, family, and strangers. Several children in attendance zoned in on a piece by Justin Poe containing live hermit crabs with miniature houses attached to their shell. The artists’ faces were covered in a mixture of joy and fatigue, but their hard work drew quite a crowd, and even a handful of paying collectors. The work is not over quite yet though, reflections and critiques of the showing are this week. Soon this year’s thesis group will turn in packets to archive their work alongside alumni thesis students in the friends historical collection of the library.




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