Stephen Hayes: “Cash Crop” Meet-the-Creator Reception and Plaster-Casting Workshop

One week from today, Stephen Hayes will return to Guilford for a “meet-the-creator” reception at 6:00 p.m. in the art gallery. This is a rare and special opportunity for students to meet a successful and powerful young artist, and to learn more about the current exhibition. Cash Crop, a mixed-media installation that invites viewers to consider parallels between the historic Atlantic slave trade and Third World sweatshops of today. Here is the link to the facebook event.

Additionally, Hayes will be hosting a plaster-casting workshop from one thirty to four p.m. next Friday–another awesome opportunity for art students. Due to space restrictions, registration is limited to ten participants. All materials will be supplied. To apply for a space, send an email with your name and phone number to by noon, Wednesday, Sept. 5th. If more than 10 people apply, names will be drawn at random and participants will be notified via email.

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