A Look Inside: Drawing Class, Creature/Monster Hybrid Project

Things are looking quite creaturely in Roy Nydorf’s Drawing II class…But only because it’s time for the Creature Monster Hybrid project! Drawing II not only fills a requirement for Art Majors and Minors, but it also fulfills the Diversity in the U.S requirement. While focusing on the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the students get to take a stab at creating an imaginary monster influenced by studies drawn from nature and technology. The assignment sheet reads, “[Students will] create a ‘monster’ or ‘creature’ that is a hybrid of forms from nature and/or machinery with animal, human, insect, bird, or fish attributes.” As inspiration, students view the works of visionaries such as Hieronymus Bosch, Martin Schongauer, and Leonardo Da Vinci (Click on their names to view a brief image search).

While in class, Roy offered the following expansion of the project:

“This is a significant project … [that] demands many things…”

• First, you have to come up with a concept. You must be able to deal with the world you create.

• Second, you must pay attention to the surface. How are you going to use the medium to your advantage? Your imagination is being tested. “It’s important to be tested to see how much we know. Be aware of strategy.”

• Third, you have to follow up on what’s been learned so far. You have to describe what you see accurately and convincingly, and you need a fine attention to detail.

“This project is confidence building,” Roy said during class yesterday, “And study never ends.”

Fortunately for the artists in the class, but less fortunate for you as a reader, the project due date was delayed slightly. I’ve taken some interesting shots of the work process beginning, but I would urge you to return to this article within the next few days, as I begin to get some snapshots of the finished projects. For now, enjoy a slideshow of the current process!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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