NEW!!!! Alumni Articles Section

Hey guess what!? There is a new section in the Hand-Eye blog. Perhaps you have noticed it already? It is the Alumni Articles Section. This section focuses on Guilford College alumni who have graduated from or have connections with the art department.  This section is not just Guilford Alumni from last year or a few years back, this section may feature anyone and everyone we can find.

Each article will focus on a specific alumnus and that particular person’s achievements and whatever other interesting art related things he/she has been doing.  There will also be pictures of the alumnus and/or the alumnus’ work and achievements.  If the featured alumnus has his/her own website, a link will be included at the end of the article. The most recent article for the Alumni Articles section is about Guilford’s own Kathleen Kennedy.  Kathleen had the great fortune to show some of her work at the North Caroline Museum of Art. If you would like to know more, check out the article Alumni Kathleen Kennedy and the NC Museum of Art.  Keep an eye out for new alumni articles.  Who knows? The next article may be about someone you know or maybe even you.

Where to find the Alumni Articles Section

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