Come See What’s Right Under Your Nose

It has recently come to my attention that not too many people know about the mini-show on display in Hege-Cox, and basically, anyone who isn’t a studio hermit (ehem, like most art students) hasn’t heard about it! So to get the word out, I’ve taken a few photos and am posting this reminder to make sure you all take advantage of our amazing space that’s our home away from home, away from home.

The hallway show features works by Guilford students from the Drawing II and 2-D Design classes. I don’t want to reveal too much about it, being that it  is a rather smallish sampling, but get there and see the fabulous art if you haven’t already. It’s a great opportunity to see what your fellow Guilfordian Artists are up to, AND you can open the eyes of non-art students at the same time. Invite a friend along who maybe doesn’t get around to meandering through all of what  Hege-Cox has to offer all that often, if ever – Some people don’t even think an art student has “real homework!” (Gasp!)

This small scale show, I think, can be looked upon as a sneak peak at what is to come in the Student Show in  a couple weeks. So stop in, take a look, mosey through the hallway, and show off what we can do to all the non-believers. I took a friend twice — double dog dare you to top that!


Note: Some of these images may not be compatible with certain web browsers.

If you encounter this problem, right click on the image and click “open in new tab/window” – Thank you!


The Drawing II students’ work.
The 2-D Design Students’ work.
Sophomore Gloria Hoover admires some of the artwork on display.
More student work. These photos really don’t do the work from both classes justice. I suggest going to take a look for yourself instead of relying on these pictures! (Nudge!)

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