“The Tomorrow Forest Installation” by Aliene de Souza Howell

Guilford College Alumnus, Aliene de Souza Howell, has created a new installation called “The Tomorrow Forest Installation.” The installation takes up a whole wall with in a room with pillars: thus the illusion of a forest is created.  Each picture was carefully rendered and created.  Aliene spent many hours just mapping out where there was light and shadow.   In answer to the question, how long did you spend on each item, Aliene says, “I love the struggle and discovery of figuring out new things in my work.  And since once something is carved out there’s no painting over it or going back so I try to think with each stroke/cut what it will add to the entirety of the composition.”

You may have already seen some of Aliene’s work. Have you seen the posters with a picture of an owl with legs in the art building? That was done by Aliene. Pretty amazing isn’t it. The owl is a self-portrait of Aliene herself. It was inspired by the elementary school nickname Alien Owl taken from Aliene’s original name Aliene Howell.  Each individual piece was inspired from people and images Aliene has seen in different places. This creates a forest of experiences as well as personal interpretation by the viewer. Although initially suppose to be of re-evolution, Aliene wanted to “convey dichotomies and cycles within the forest that I feel make up our own complex narratives full of major and supporting characters. a sort of visual novel made up of personal history and reflections wrapped within histories and potential futures of the earth full of dark and light.”

The “The Tomorrow Forest Installation” is beautiful and unique but took a lot of time and effort. Aliene says the opening was the best part of the installation. “I can’t tell you how many people told me I was never going to finish it or what was I going to do if I didn’t finish it or that it was too this or too that but I just sort of had this gut feeling that if I gave it my complete and total all emotionally, physically, and intellectually good things would happen.”

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Here is a link to Aliene’s website.

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