2011 Guilford Alumnus Gracelee Lawrence

Guilford Alumnus of 2011, Gracelee Lawrence has hit the art world running.  Just this year, Gracelee has had her art in many solo exhibitions, juried exhibitions and invitational and selected exhibitions.  She has also had her work in newspapers as well as given talks about her work.  Gracelee’s first solo show, hypertridimensional, was held in Raleigh NC. Gracelee tells how beautiful it was to “watch children running through it, peering through the twine and examining the shadows.” Gracelee is currently moving towards performativity art as well as working on her Mouth series, which includes the use of food as well as toothpaste.  She is currently residing in a Stone Church in NY along with many other artists. “Being constantly surrounded by people made me turn inwards and look at myself and my actions more carefully.” says Gracelee. Although she hasn’t quite figured out what this means, Gracelee says she is definitely working on it. She also has three solos shows planned for next year as well as many possible performances. As the added cherry on top, Gracelee is also applying for graduate programs.

You might be wondering, how has Gracelee gotten into so many shows just a year out of college? Her answer is work, a lot of work. Gracelee learned at Guilford that “you get what you give.” The same can be said for the outside world. She is constantly applying for shows and other opportunities as well as self-encouragement and reflection.  As Gracelee says, “If you expect great things do it. Don’t wait.”

Here is a slide show of some of Gracelee’s work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a link to Gracelee’s Website.

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