First and Second: CVA Show and Artistic Opportunity

First! The art show at the Center for Visual Artists in the Greensboro Cultural Center which features works from North Carolina college art students seems to be quite the success.  The first impression when walking into the gallery is one of COLOR! It’s very attention-grabbing which is a great asset to an art gallery that seeks the attention of younger artists. Indeed, the exhibition now focuses solely on student art. “There is a lot of variety – nothing was similar,” said Gloria Hoover during our visit to the gallery this week. The art gives off a very lively vibe, with a diverse mixture of sculpture, photography, ceramics, drawing, lithography, and many others. Not everything in the gallery is straightforward. Most of the art is surprisingly thought-provoking for such young artists, and I believe this will draw in the right viewer. When we visited, we walked through the gallery about three times, enjoying and finding something new to marvel at each time. Looking at the gallery from a slightly sociological standpoint, we saw a rise in mixed media use, as it seems mixed media art using mediums that wouldn’t normally be paired is something that is making itself more prevalent in works by up and coming artists. All the pieces suggest hidden meaning. We picked up on some deep themes in some pieces, and chuckled at the clever humor of others. Based on this gallery, it would seem that young artists are a widely diverse group of intellectuals who put wit, whimsy, and wisdom together to reach goals. “Sometimes you look at a picture and it’s just a picture. But when I look at these, I feel more meaning, I think, because I know I can relate to these student artists on a personal level because we’re around the same age and are going through similar experiences,” said Gloria.  It’s good to see work by artists who are similar to ourselves – it’s a great way to get inspired.

Second! In an email from Kathryn Shields, I received a call to action!

“Do you want to share your art talents in a community setting? West End Community Center in High Point is seeking 2-3 female art students to create an inexpensive, simple art project that can be completed with homeless women. For more information contact Karen Erickson at”

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