What’s Inhabiting Upstairs Founders?

Well, there’s WQFS 90.9 FM.

And…let’s see…Campus Life.

A bathroom or two…

And oh yeah – only the best possible 2012 Student Art Show ever!

Featuring artworks by your fellow creative Guilfordians, this year’s show is impressive, encompassing all of our areas of artistic expertise; Drawing, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, 2D Design, and Printmaking have all been represented expertly. But in the spirit of creating a healthy competitive atmosphere, there can only be one winner in each category. So, without further ado,  I present to you now the First place winners and honorable mention achievers of this, the 2012 Guilford Student Art Show!

Drawing: Hannah Reed – “First Flight of the Torgret”

Amanda Williams – “Measuring”

Photography: Karla McDonald – “Becoming”

Chris Austin – “Red Rita” and “Omega”

Painting: Ailey Greig – “Hadley”

Emily Stamey – “Rosey”

Sculpture: Adam Faust – “The Sun and the Moon Trapped in Perpetual Mamihlapinatapei”

Emily Albert – “Untitled”

Audrey Parsons – “Self Portrait”

Ceramics: Keita Tsutsumi – “Figures”

Katie Maloney – “Frogs” and “Holey Vase”

2D Design: Amanda Williams – “Patchwork”

Danny Carter – “Scrambled 2”

Printmaking: Alejo Salcedo – “Space Kitty” 

Alejo Salcedo – “Merry Fellow”

A slideshow of the First place winners’ pieces will be provided at the end, but in order to give a little insight into some of the deeper perspective of some of the pieces, I’ve randomly selected one of the winning pieces on which to provide a short critique in the hopes of motivating those who haven’t seen the show yet to go and take a look!

“Becoming” by Karla McDonald

The focal point, a budding rose, is found in the middle ground of the piece. The rose bud is currently in the process of “becoming” what the rose in the foreground has already achieved. The background is made up of a gray scale surface with a shadowy form, possibly another rose or leaf that has been blurred by focus. The vantage point is one that puts the viewer at eye level with the budding rose. I see it as a map or life progression. The background is where we were as children – it’s blurry because we’re moving away from the past, but we’ll never forget where we came from. The middle ground is where we are currently – trying to make our own respective marks, while preparing for what’s to come. The foreground is where we hope to be soon. It’s blurry because we aren’t there yet, but we hopefully soon will be. Or at least that’s my interpretation of the piece, which I find inspirational as a fellow college-age artist. The only thing left wanting on my part is perhaps a bit more of the fully formed rose, or re-sizing it to be larger so it demands even more attention than it already does. Food for thought: What if the rose bud were in color?

So that’s all from me. Next time you venture to Founders on one of your daily trips, be sure to pop upstairs and take in what we, the Guilford artists, have to offer you. Au Revoir! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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