2007 Guilford Alumna, Kaitlyn Barlow

How many of you took Digital Darkroom this semester? If you didn’t, then you missed a great course and the chance to meet Kaitlyn Barlow, the teacher.  Regardless, you may not have known that Kaitlyn was once a Guilford College student herself. Kaitlyn graduated in 2007 with a BA in Fine Studio Arts and Computer Information Technology. Her father who is a 1980 graduate of Guilford introduced Kaitlyn to Guilford College.  Guilford has been one of Kaitlyn’s biggest influences in her work so far; “I really believe Guilford gave me the confidence to keep moving forward with my photography. Guilford not only reminded me that I had a voice, but a right to use that voice” a voice which Kaitlyn expresses through her art.

After Guilford, Kaitlyn went on to focus on Photography and Cinematography at Long Island University in New York.  For the past three years she has been assisting photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani.  This has allowed Kaitlyn to work with clients such as Will Smith, Lindsey Lohan, Alicia Keys and Richie Rich.  Kaitlyn has also learned to do the behind-the-scenes work that is also part of being a photographer.  She has learned to deal with changing schedules and, in one case, had to complete the whole shoot in 15 minutes to fit the client’s schedule.

Most of Kaitlyn’s photographic subjects are people. She is intrigued with people’sfacial features and personalities and she says that, when photographing people, it is best to focus on the eyes. However, when editing photographs, Kaitlyn recommends “it is best to find the point of view of the shot or the hero of the shot and enhance that!”  Kaitlyn also likes to capture “ humanity at its strongest” , e.g. rallies, and parades. Kaitlyn says, “When people come together for a common cause it is extremely powerful and such a beautiful thing to capture.  There is a strong voice that comes through the people and I try and echo that through my images.”

Kaitlyn always carries her camera with her. She feels that it helps her to focus images from her subconscious and her memories and she likes to keep her mind flexible and keep up a flow of new ideas even if the photos never move beyond state of being captured.

Here is a slideshow of Kaitlyn’s work. If you want to see more check out her website.

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1 response to 2007 Guilford Alumna, Kaitlyn Barlow

  1. David Barlow says:

    I am a very proud father,
    -David Barlow, Class of 1980

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