Rest in Peace, Stick Sculpture

This is a sad chapter in Guilford’s artistic history.

This fall, Guilford’s campus lost one of it’s greatest staples of community life: Disorderly Conduct, the stick sculpture by Patrick Dougherty began to fall tower-by-tower and was finally given a proper funeral at a bonfire in the Meadows on November 9th.

The Towers Begin to Fall. (Picture from Guilford’s Facebook Page)

It has been a familiar sight visible from all corners of the campus, and has sparked many differing opinions from students. Some lament its passing, some are indifferent, while some, myself included, are unhappy about not being able to attend the bonfire. Nolan Dwyer, ‘14, who is studying abroad this semester wrote in via Facebook:  “I am really sad that all this occurred while I was abroad, I felt as if it had it’s own meaning to each person on campus and it will be weird without it there come January.”

If you missed the bonfire, here’s a time lapse video of the event to make up for your absence:

Disorderly Conduct Bonfire (Sorry this one wouldn’t embed! Just click that link.)

We’ll have to live with the emptiness the missing sculpture makes us feel (no matter what our thoughts may have been about it) and we miss its presence in our daily scholastic lives, but we must remember that something fantastic will ultimately fill its empty place in the quad. We can remember the happy moments our stick sculpture gave us – frolicking between its towers, taking pictures inside them…that time Cade Martin did a photo shoot there for Design Bureau Magazine…and not to mention all the funny memes about our beloved “Palace” featured on the Guilford Memes Facebook page. No matter your thoughts on Disorderly Conduct, please take a moment to thank Patrick Dougherty for providing us with a beautifully crafted conversation piece.

Please enjoy this video of the building process in remembrance.

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