1985 Guilford Alumna, Laurie Meehan-Elmer

How many of you have a pet or know someone with a pet? The answer is likely everyone.  Pets can be a big part of people’s lives.  Often, people want pictures of their pets.  And that is where Laurie Meehan-Elmer comes in.  Laurie, a 1985 Guilford Alumna, does professional pet photography. Laurie’s work is recognized nationally by publishers, galleries and portrait clients and was most recently featured on Shutterbug Magazine Radio. Her work is considered to be “something more than the typical pet portrait.”  Laurie’s subjects vary from dogs and cats to ducklings and lizards.  Although shoots can take an hour or more its worth it since it is full of playing, interaction and many treats: “My approach to photographing pets is to let them be themselves.”

Laurie and her husband currently own one dog, three cats, a pond of koi fish and a turtle. Initially, Laurie’s photographic interest started with nature and landscapes but this eventually changed to pets: “I suppose being married to a veterinarian and having a house full of pets as models, it was bound to happen.”

Coming from a family of artists, Laurie has dabbled in many types of studio art such as watercolor, printmaking and sculpture. But she found her true passion with photography.  Laurie finds the bond that humans and their pets share to be a  fascinating and extraordinary thing and tries to create an image that will be cherished just as much as that bond.

Here is a link to Laurie’s Website 

Check out some of her awesome photographs! If you want to see more check out her website in the link above.

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