Rob Cartelli, 2002 Guilford Alunmnus

2002 Guilford College Alumnus, Rob Cartelli has been working with ceramics in Vermont.  After Rob graduated from Guilford with a Political Science degree,  he has been working with ceramics in Vermont.  Rob’s work has been displayed in many craft shows as well as sold in stores: “The more you put your work out there the more exposure and response you get, it’s a bit of snowball effect albeit a slow one at times.” Rob has also worked as a ceramics instructor for the Puney School Summer Programs and has been teaching wheel-throwing at Brattleboro Clayworks for the past couple of years.  He found that one of the most important things for a beginner to learn is patience; it takes many hours of hard work in the studio to become a good craftsman, potter or artist.

Currently, Rob is working with wheel-thrown porcelain; however, he admits he also enjoys making stoneware and porcelain pots for wood and salt firing.  Rob tends to “lean towards a restrained creativity these days… I want my work to be cohesive and that constraint is actually kind of freeing.”  And indeed this seems to be the case.  Rob’s work holds a beautiful simplicity that takes one back to a humbler time. Whether it is the shades of color on the pots from the firing or pure white porcelain with a simple design, Rob’s pieces are quite memorable and artfully wrought.  As Rob says, the difference between a good pot and a great pot are the “subtle details that the maker took the time to put into the piece. “

Check out Rob’s Website


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