Liz Saintsing, 2001 Guilford Alumna

How many of you remember playing outside when you were little? Remember how there was something about outside that was magical and inspired your imagination? Well Liz Saintsing still remembers and is still inspired by nature. 2001 Guilford Alumna, Liz Saintsing , is constantly inspired by her childhood memories of nature. She recalls how, as a child, she loved flowers.  One time her brother convinced her to jump out of a window into a field of flowers. Thankfully she was not hurt by this and later used the very same window she jumped out of in an etching for her Senior Thesis. Liz graduated from Guilford with a BFA in etching.  Teachers and staff such as Roy Nydorf, Adele Wayman, Charlie Tefft and Terry Hammond really helped Liz into becoming a self-motivated artist.  “Guilford and its professors taught me a great deal about myself, what I wanted from my art, what I could do with my creative talents, and how to achieve those goals. ”

Today Liz creates prints on items such as pillows and paper, which she later sells. Liz likes to create a series of images, usually making 6-9 different images in the series and she starts a new series every 6 months.  In terms of subject matter, Liz admits that she tends to  “gravitate towards creepy things—odd sea creatures, insects, and weird birds.” However, Liz also acknowledges that not everyone will like this type of subject matter. So she also tries to make her work more well received , creating colorful and approachable  “animals while mixing in floral motifs.” Liz talks about her love of etching and how she gets excited just thinking about it; however, since etching requires many chemicals and lots of space, Liz took up silk screening. “It has more of a commercial feel and is less gallery-fine art related compared to etching but, it works for me and my design aesthetic.”

Check out Liz’s Website.

picture1 picture3 picture4 print16

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