SECCA | Jacco Olivier, Afterlife

Revolution, 2010. HD animation on hard disc
Duration: 24 minutes

While a painting may seem fixed and immobilized to most, its canvas hung on a wall and the materials drying before properly exhibited, Jacco Olivier pursues the idea of fluidity within his paintings through animation. Olivier identifies himself as a painter, however these pieces are revealed as moving objects in space which then create an abstracted patchwork of strokes, lines and the unexpected. The whimsical world that Olivier creates is projected onto the walls of SECCA in his exhibition Afterlife; some pieces were filled with vibrant colors and moved at a fast speed while in comparison, there is a piece that moves slowly in a meditative state. The walls surrounding me were covered with images and since I was the only person in the room, I was overwhelmed with electrifying color and vigorous motion.

Immediately, I was stimulated yet confined to the space surrounding me at the exhibition. Each wall cast different shapes; moving slowly, moving swiftly. While stepping in front of the projections, one becomes part of the image itself, casting a shape inside of the world of oddities that Olivier has created.

The piece, Turning Point, displays a calming effect on the viewer. Originally, I passed by this piece, bored with the subject matter and yearning for something more, I quickly walked past. However, this animation came to be a piece that I allowed to engulf me after my walk through of the remaining projections. The addition of sound and the actual movement of the subject matter creates a meditative state for the viewer; the abstracted motion of the paws and limbs create a bigger picture in the detail of the brush strokes and color.

In addition to this meditative animation, the piece titled Peace Starts with Me, creates the same sense of emotion and fluidity that occurs during a nights rest and those moments of waking up. In comparison to Turning Point,  this animation seems to enter another world with layers upon layers of shapes, familiar scenes and the unknown. Immediately, I was drawn to this piece and it still remains my favorite of the entire exhibition. The color palette is muddy and fading in some areas, however, there are also concrete images such as cars and bottles floating around the mind of the artist that is in a transitional position.

With the lights off, the glow of the hues surrounding you and the steady silence, the paintings of Jacco Olivier come to life.

The exhibition Afterlife is located at SECCA (Winston-Salem, NC) from Feb. 17-May 26th. You can watch a video here where Olivier discusses his process more thoroughly.

Another addition to the SECCA visit is the Mobile Media Mini Movie Competition.

  • No charge to submit
  • Chance to screen at SECCA
  • Upload video to
  • Deadline is March 31st 2013

There is more info here 


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