Bonnie Monteleone | What Goes Around, Comes Around


Poseidon’s Pocket of Plastic South Atlantic

Right above an area that most Guilford students pass every day is a collection of digital images that exhibit Bonnie Monteleone’s artistic works. Her pieces, several canvases, a sculpture and photo examples are all apart of an exhibition which focuses on waste products in the Pacific Ocean and other open waters. Located on the second floor of Founders, Monteleone’s work utilizes the very familiar piece, The Great Wave of Kanagawain order to display the environmental concerns in our waters. Each piece was introduced by Monteleone herself which I personally found highly informative in regards to the why each work was depicted differently. Some of the pieces displayed more organized forms of trash cascading down the mountain of the wave, while other pieces exhibited fish-like objects, or a collaboration of hue that created an abstract wave. 



While Monteleone walked around the gallery space, she educated us on the disasters that plastic causes and how much waste is created by one simple toss of a bottle. The sculpture piece above is the final outcome in the exhibition; it displays how the waste lasts 400 to 1000 years in our environment. Plastic is something that we use once and then throw away and Monteleone, through her art and activism, has impacted myself and various others to be conciencess of how long plastic remains on this earth. How many generations will have to deal with this problem? How much are we ingesting by eating the fish who consume the plastic in the toxic waters? The title of the exhibition What Goes Around, Comes Around is quite literal in a sense of our own bodies and our intake on the plastic waste that we are creating. 


Go educate yourself, not only for the sake of art but for the sake of the planet. Its a simple walk to the gallery upstairs in Founders. No excuses. 

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