Senior Thesis Spotlight: Sammy Wandel

Sammy Wandel is a Guilford College art student currently working on her senior thesis in ceramics. Her current work relates to a twist on the everyday object whether it be as subtle as what is painted on the object or as obvious as the object’s askew size.


Why did you choose to do the senior thesis?

Well, I wanted to do the thesis program because i wanted to experience what it’s like to create a body of work, put it in a show with a big group of people, and everything that goes into that. I also like the idea of learning what it means to be an artist in real life.

What are you working on right now?

I’m using a coil and throwing method to make giant tea pots.


That’s quite a change from your work last semester. How has your focus differed, and why?

last semester i was making large sinks and decorating them with images that were similar to bacteria that you would find in a sink, kind of like a comical, gross thing, which was interesting to me. But I changed directions because I realized that I was more interested in not necessarily the actual images on the pots, but rather how i made the images on the pots, which was with dots. so i didn’t really care so much about that and I also wanted to go bigger.

So painting plays a big role in the final piece for you?

yes, absolutely, I really like painting.


Has working in the Hildebrandt studio space changed your ethic or your direction as opposed to working in Hege Cox, or is it pretty much the same?


Because you’re now sharing a studio space with one person as opposed to like twelve

I miss hege a lot of the time, just because i miss that community feeling. in the ceramics community at guilford everyone is helping every one out, everyone talks to each other. we’re all in it together. we’re all going through some form of trouble, so i miss that. But i also like having my own place where I can play whatever music I want i know that i’ll always have a wheel, a place where it can be as messy or clean as i want it to be. I like both, and I could work in a solo or community area, but i prefer community.

Be Sure to check out Sammy Wandel and eleven other great student showcases at the opening in founders on May 3rd.

Also come stop by Hildebrandt studio on March 29th for an open house:

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