Sculpture Candidates: Mark Dixon, Christina Pitsch, Robert Millard-Mendez

After the loss of valued art faculty member, David Newton, Mark Dixon took responsibility of the sculpture department under a temporary position. Charge of the sculpture department is now securing itself as a tenure-track line, which means the job is open to a handful of candidates. Out of the dozens of applicants, the art faculty has narrowed down the list to three: Christina Pitsch, Robert Millard-Mendez, and acting professor, Mark Dixon. Keeping in the tradition of inclusive, Quakerly decision making, the Guilford art department is asking students to participate in the selection process.

Naturally, with such a big and consequential decision, many variables are taken into account. When asked about positive characteristics of the candidates,drawing/printmaking instructor Roy Nydorf states, “We’re looking for people that also have some broader scope like perhaps teaching a class outside of the art discipline. Perhaps an FYE class, perhaps an IDS class, perhaps a cultural diversity class, you know whatever their interests or focus may be, but also maybe a foundation classes, in different things other than 3D design. we’re just looking at a whole lot of things. We’re looking at experience, teaching experience. We’re looking at potential chair of the department who could do other leadership kinds of things.”

As art students, we owe it to ourselves to stake an interest in the future of our program. Being a student of Mark’s for the past three years, I have an obvious bias towards his teaching style and academic prose. His class structures are characterized by a conceptualism and originality that I have yet to experience in any other academic context (and I mean that in the best way possible). But like all opinions, my bias exists to be tested. My stance would not be valid unless it could be reaffirmed or altered entirely. It is of the upmost importance that we participate in these discussions, and hear what these artists/teachers have to offer our community.

Here’s a schedule of meetings and programs happening throughout the next couple of weeks:

Candidate 1: Christina Pitsch

Monday, March 25

12noon-1pm, Lunch with Students, Caf Atrium, Founders Hall

1:00 pm-1:30, Tour of Campus by Students (to end in the library at 1:30)

3:00-5:00 pm, Sculpture studio, 1st floor Hege-Cox


Tuesday, March 26

11:00am-12noon, Public Presentation of Artwork, Bryan Jr.




Candidate 2: Robert Millard-Mendez

Monday, April 1

3:00-5:00pm, Workshop with Students, Sculpture Studio, 1st floor Hege-Cox


Tuesday, April 2

11:00am-12 noon, Presentation of Artwork, Founders Gallery

12noon-1, Lunch with students, Caf Atrium, Founders


Wednesday, April 3

9:00-10:00am, Campus Tour with Students (to end at the library at 10)




Candidate 3: Mark Dixon

Monday, April 8

3:00-5:00 pm, Sculpture studio, 1st floor Hege-Cox


Tuesday, April 9

11:00am-12noon, Presentation of Artwork,

12-12:50, Lunch with Students


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