StoryBank | Elsewhere Collaborative



Right here in the heart of Greensboro, located on Elm Street, is the artist residency Elsewhere. This spring, the museum will be launching StoryBank, which is a collaboration with Appalshop, “a 40-yr old media and social justice media collective based in Appalachia”. StoryBank will focus on the strengths within the Greensboro community and how to connect individuals culturally. Individuals will be able to submit stories and viewers can see the collections online and onsite. 

To go along with StoryBank, there will be events that us, as Guilford students and Greensboro dwellers, should be apart of! 

Dine in with Appalshop for Elsewhere Members + Community Partners, followed by artist talk. 

Friday, March 29, 6:00pm, Elsewhere partners + members (join today!) , 8:00pm artist talk

Elsewhere Members and partners are invited for dinner at Elsewhere followed by an artist talk with Appalshop in the Storefront theater.



Saturday, March 30, 11:00am-4:00pm

Use low-cost, video, performance, radio, and web to create public education campaigns on pressing social issues.  Learn by doing: conduct interviews on local issues and add content to existing public education campaigns for justice.  The participants will learn about the power of StoryBanking and how it can support their social justice organizing goals. This workshop will include an opportunity to dialogue about starting a Narrative Campaign in your community and will offer hands on exercise exploring this process.

Limited space available, please email to get involved.



Sunday, March 31st, 11:00am-4:00pm.

Using a story circle methodology developed over 20 years to encourage deep listening, verbal expression, and appreciation for the cultural gifts of diverse groups of people, story circles are used by community activists, artists and teacher to discuss difficult issues, collect oral histories, and launch social justice and organizing issues.  The second part this workshop includes helping create the activities for the work: pick a theme or issue to explore and help develop a plan to gather stories throughout the week. Participants will  prepare a spoken-word presentation of their stories for a 7pm performance at Elsewhere on Friday, April 5th.



Deposit a Story
Deposits build interest, Bank at Elsewhere or online at Topics are subject to change.

Share Your Idea
Register for a story workshop to play with listening and learning. Learn to lead a StoryShares in your community. Schedule TBA. For more information email





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