Senior Thesis Spotlight | Sadie Hammond



Growing up in Texas, New Jersey and Delaware, Sadie Hammond has been working with art continously for as long as she can remember. Painting her whole life and specifically utilizing oil paints, Sadie’s pieces are bright with hues and her inclusion of portraiture with abstracted backgrounds are impressionistic. During her younger years as a child, Sadie immersed herself with art classes and continued her talent as an adolescent in high school. To her advantage, Sadie participated in a program at her high school where she was able to have an individual studio and final show. 

Collage, portraiture, figure and narrative are all themes that Sadie is including in her senior thesis paintings. Her expressive brush strokes against the smoothness of the skin in the first piece creates great contrast which can also be viewed with the figure in the piece and the urban background. The contrast with the aesthetics is dramatic; her vivid brush strokes huddled up to the yellow-pink skin tone of a crouching figure creates a sudden shift. Similar to this, the contrast with the nude, sheltered, figure in the left hand corner compared to the right hand corner and its night scene of bustling figures creates an interesting narrative. Sadie states that her “process has been exploratory” and that her love for color and expression is what has gotten her through the most frustrating of moments. 


Sadie’s influences do not just include painters, her inspiration stretches over all mediums of art, including writing and photography; Edward Hopper, Sally Mann, Anna Lamott and Mickalene Thomas are some of her listed favorites. 

Sadie has been applying to teach at private middle schools and high schools as an intern or art teacher, however, she is also interested in a design department in DC. Wherever you end up Sadie we wish you the best of luck in your adventures!

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