Craft Show and Art Festival


After completing a work, the decision to sell or keep or trade or burn is often lingering and cumbersome. As the art complies upon itself, and begins to occupy all the walls and empty cracks of life, the desire to get rid of it all becomes increasingly appealing. Thursday’s student-led craft show and art festival offered a chance for students to clear up their studio walls and let the rest of the world spend some time with their work. From an array of screen prints, etchings, woodcuts, ceramics, scarves, jewelry, and original music by Heather Scott followed by Des Ark, the Greenleaf transformed itself from a artsy fartsy co-op into an even more artsy fartsy co-op.

Ceramics and hand made earrings by Sammy Wandel
Relief prints by Alejo Salcedo












While giving student artists the opportunity to make a little extra money is all well and good, events like this carry with them a bit more merit than most even realize. Often I find myself getting so caught in the solace of working alone, and all the freedoms that come with solitude that I forget about the responsibility aspect of creating work, the accountability attached to showing and selling work to an audience bigger than myself. The process of creating doesn’t end when we put the pencil down and say it’s done. With the help of events like this, artwork is able to evolve out of the hands of the artist and into the lives of others.

Etchings and relief prints by Raina Martens
Drawings and etchings by Ryan James












If you’re interested in someone’s work, don’t by the shy type. Send them an e-mail! Tell them how much you love and respect their vision and how genius they are, because if there’s one group of people that need their egos stroked even more, it’s artists.

1 response to Craft Show and Art Festival

  1. Roy H Nydorf says:

    I hate that “artsy fartsy” term- that’s for philistines!!


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