Green Hill: Independents


North Carolina (and Greensboro specifically) is home to an art community riddled with talent in both visual arts and music, and yet so much of the output goes unnoticed. Maybe it’s the city or the state where we live that’s responsible for clouding the creative efforts. Maybe the relative size and popularity allows the rest of the world to breeze over with a bit more ease. Regardless, it’s nice to see shows like Independents at the Green Hill Center to reaffirm the roles of local artists and their work.

IMG_0491 IMG_0493

Independents is an exhibition that shows the work of five North Carolina painters: Brett Baker, Mark Brown, Ashlynn Browning, Bonnie Melton, and Philip Lopez. The paintings are strictly abstract, and offer a perspective into how diverse abstract painting can be as a result of color, application of paint, size, content, etc.

Size is an notable concept when looking at abstract paintings. Sometimes it feels like paintings can use size to compensate for what they lack in content or imagery. It’s easy to be overtaken by something that takes up most of the space it occupies, so I think it’s especially impressive when abstract paintings can be compelling in a smaller scale. Bonnie Melton’s paintings totally did this successfully.



The same could be said for Brett Baker’s work, which ranges from huge wall-sized pieces to smaller, more intimate ones. While the larger work draws the viewer in, the tinier paintings are far more fascinating. The paint is so heavily applied that it’s hard to even look at them as paintings. There’s something much more in the realm of three dimensionality at play, that really gives the paintings an other worldliness.


The exhibition will be on display until June 2nd at the Green Hill Center.

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