Independent Study Spotlight |Douglas Reyes-Ceron

Typically, Hand/Eye focuses on thesis students, artist interviews and other happenings around the Greensboro area. However, there are still students out there doing artsy fartsy things without us, as a community, fully recognizing their proposals and projects.

Douglas Reyes-Ceron, a senior, started experimenting with photography in 2005, during a summer recreational course. His adventures moved forward to working with a small multimedia group that focused on “Latino weddings, birthdays and baptisms”. Douglas also shoots for non-profit groups and has completed assignments for the Guilfordian as well.

Currently, he is exploring the 3D aspects to photography in his independent study with Maia Dery. With a 3D pinhole camera in his possession, Douglas has been utilizing this quirky tool to create color images using film. 

“After getting them developed, I then scan negatives with a film scanner, edit and convert the photos with the StereoPhoto Maker program. From there I view the 3D images with a 3D device that does not require glasses, a Nintendo 3DS. After viewing the images, I go back and do the necessary adjustments to the digital images and then print them out physically and view them on a makeshift Stereogram viewer.”

The finished product will appear as a 3D photograph which stems from Douglas’ interest in film. His inspiration comes from going through the process of utilizing new technology in affiliation with past techniques to create a three dimensional image. When asked if the process had been frustrating, issues like time, filmscanning and adjustments were all listed. However, he remains optimistic, confident and stimulated about his project.

As for the whole independent-study-do-your-own-work thing, Douglas agrees that its difficult to sit down, shut up and do your work. I can personally attest that Maia Dery will “let you know if your work sucks or rocks”. Essentially, her ability to state why it is one or the other is the reason her photography students advance in their artwork.

Since Douglas is finishing up here at Guilford, the obvious question is what is life gonna be like afterwards?

“Photojournalism is ultimately what I love doing. I love going out and capturing those big and small moments during big events. Viewing the works of my favorite past and modern photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Pete Souza and Clay Enos feed into that inspiration. Seeing their works help to drive me further in creating my own works every day.”

Douglas will be living back in DC (where he’s from) and hopes to intern or work in the area in the photojournalism field. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, we can see some of his work on the Hand/Eye blog as a final update!

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