Ryan James and I will both be breaking out of the Guilford bubble this coming May and sacrificing ourselves to the outside world. Because of this, the Hand/Eye blog will need some new writers, faces, photographers and artistic personalities to take over the task that we unfortunately have to leave behind.

Writing for Hand/Eye is a independent study course that you can take for 1-4 credits, depending on your work load and ability to attend events. Personally, I wish I had been writing for the blog much sooner than my senior year since it has pushed me to attend campus happenings while also visiting galleries and museums around the Greensboro area. If you are interested in taking over this role, it requires you to be to initiative with tasks and prioritize your time. However, it is a rewarding experience that I am proud to put on my resume. I currently write only two posts a week while Ryan takes on the role of three. Since this is an independent study, YOU are able to choose how much you can take on…the more bloggers, the better!

The blog is still trying to reach a much larger audience and engage students at Guilford. This is where the blog needs some help guys! We need more views and we need more people discussing and referring to Hand/Eye.

If you are full of ideas involving new ways to get people interested or if you are ready to be active in the art community, please email Mark Dixon at



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