ELSEWHERE | Artist Talks

All of you Guilfordian’s complaining about how Greensboro is monotonous, stale and lifeless should probably step outside of the Guilford bubble and into the quirky and peculiar world of Elsewhere, an artist collective. You might think that once you’ve seen the museum, you’ve seen it all but the atmosphere is constantly in a state of flux, objects are always finding a new world to live in. Not only is the museum a cheap form of entertainment, artist talks, located outside on the stage of the museum, are FREE.

As an artist myself, I am always searching for inspiraton and new forms of expression through different mediums. As a free event, located only 10-15 minutes away, I think it’s an important occasion for young artists to attend. This Thursday, there were two speakers, the new operations intern and a residential artist discussing their past works, accomplishments and projects: Carmen Tiffany and Nasimeh Bahrayni.

The first speaker, Nasimeh Bahrayni, a Guilford alum, discussed her intensive work with sustainability and education; her inclusion of rapping, performance art and scripted acts are all apart of her motivation to teach young children about recycling, healthy eating and a healthy life. Bahrayni showed us a video and many photos of her experience while working with children and gave examples of the events that she was involved in. Another project that was presented was her “To Be Human” project where individuals write on a piece of paper what being a human is. Cards, slips of paper and drawings were passed around which all had a simple text, typed on a typewriter, that said, “What does it mean to be human?” Below this question were all kinds of hilarious, existential and thoughtful drawings, sentences or phrases where individuals displayed what they believed the answer was. My personal favorite was a brown piece of paper, probably from a paper grocery bag, that simply had a stick figure with a flower growing out of its head, while another had a cut out image of monks eating at a IHOP or some other breakfast establishment. The concept is a great interactive piece and Bahrayni hopes to post the images online eventually.

The next artist, Carmen Tiffany, hails from Wyoming and is currently located in Miami. Her work focused on teenagers and children and their involvement and fascination with popular culture. She described her past in Wyoming and how teenagers would collect magazine clippings of items they hoped to own but would instead paste the clippings on their wall and live through the image. Tiffany is doing things and she’s doing a lot of it. She showed us images of her ceramic sculpture pieces, her video/animations, she also spent some time building a real life playhouse and is currently creating drawings that are directed towards “garbage media”. Initially, her work stemmed from the creation of her characters who are anthropomorphic/children/teenagers/toddlers…which all have the amazing names like “Little Miss Moonshine”. The common thread in all of her work includes these characters which she works into her neon, childlike, dream world.

Digging in the Glitter Trough 2010, Part of her installation with the playhouse
Wild Pony Hair 2010
Peanut Got Squished Too Hard 2009

Check out Carmen’s sweet work here: http://www.carmentiffany.com

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