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Dearest Guilford community,

Nicole and I will both unfortunately be leaving the illustrious and fulfilling Hand/Eye art blog for greener pastures, thus reducing the editorial staff from 2 people to zero people.  Now, I know what your thinking, “Ryan and Nicole, how will I show my grandparents and pets all the cool art stuff going on at Guilford?  How will I get the word out about my solo show in the Quakeria?  What I’m I going to do with my life?!?!

Well, Luckily for you, you’re probably not only the best artist of our generation, but the best writer as well, and you don’t even know it yet!  Hand/Eye is in its early stages of development right now.  Both the current and previous staff have a passion that, for the moment, outweighs their audience.  I personally owe a lot to this up-and-coming organization for getting me out of Guilford’s comfortable walls and into Greensboro’s ambitious art community.  It’s easy to glaze over events that all local aspiring artists should be attending, and invent reasons as to why visiting a gallery opening, or an artist’s talk, or a thesis open house might not be worth the effort.  Writing for this online publication has taught me not only the value of getting out and going to these events, but also how to go with a critical eye, prepared to question and challenge the certainty of an artist’s words.

Right now, the class is being offered as an independent study.  That means you get to choose your hours, and for how many credits you wish the class to count.  I currently write three posts a week, and my partner in crime, Nicole Lane, writes two.  Plus you will learn how to manage the site and organize things like publicity, article topics, etc. 

If you’re not sure of a class you want to take next semester, and feel like the art world could benefit from your words, email Mark Dixon at



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