Senior Thesis Exhibition 2013


Being a student who participated in the senior art thesis program, I have an obvious bias as to why you should go see the exhibition in Founders Gallery (second floor). For the past semester, we’ve been doing thesis spotlights, where Nicole or I grill the participants about their processes and whatnot. When the time came for me to be interviewed, Nicole asked me why I decided to apply for the thesis program. If she asked me the same question a year ago, I would have told her that my work was ready to be fully imagined and perfected over a year long period; However, what I discovered was far more fulfilling and far less vain. The greatest part of the senior art thesis was seeing this group of seniors develop their voice as they struggled and failed, laughed it off and succeeded, all under the same roof for an entire year.

Seeing my peers dedicated to earning their artistic license and passionately devoting themselves to their body of work granted me so much more inspiration than isolation could offer. That being said, I assure you that something is guaranteed hit you as you walk amongst the gallery walls. Whether it be Madison’s organically charged abstractions of natural forms,


Jess’s wall-sized splashes of paint and color,


Keita’s expressionistic vessels and forms,


Sammy’s whimsically skewed pots and tea kettles,


Sadie’s emotive portraits of groups and individuals alike,


John’s politically and environmentally charged etchings,


Hannah’s glowing critiques of beverages and their consumers,


Ailey’s portraits of individuals characterized by their relationships,


or Emily’s portraits of individuals characterized by their idiosyncrasies,


I assure you that you’ll find the same magic and bewilderment in these artists I’m proud to stand amongst.


1 response to Senior Thesis Exhibition 2013

  1. Roy Nydorf says:

    good job Ryan. you make a good point about the communal aspect of art thesis.

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