Senior Thesis Spotlight: Martha McGehee

New Invite pic- Martha
Could you talk a little bit about the focus of your thesis?
I am an oil painter focusing on capturing dreamscapes and what dreams look like
How has your work changed from last semester, or even in the past year?
My work has changed a lot in the past year. I went from 12×24 bright saturated colored scapes to 24×36 muted neutral tones and more emotional and sometimes even dark paintings.
Dreams obviously play a huge role in terms of influence, but are there any artists whose artwork has made an impact on your thesis?
I love Dorothea Tanning and Georgia O’Keefe. Tanning paints these sharply focused and detailed surrealist situations that you often just can’t help but believe for a split second. O’Keefe has this style of painting landscapes that seems so dreamlike and surreal except that the scene is completely believable.
How does it feel now that everything’s up on the walls? Does the work change when it leaves your studio?
I feel like I was finally able to see my paintings as finished once they went up on the walls because they left the workspace and not having a paint palette right next to them where I could change everything instantly made me start to think about them as final products.
What are some advantages/disadvantages to working in Hildebrandt as opposed to the painting studio?
I loved having my own space that I could spread out in and make a mess in if I needed to. I didn’t have to worry about being an inconvenience to others. I did really miss the community though. When I shared the big painting studio room with other people I got to watch everyone’s progress and there was almost always someone else there, it was a very supportive environment and I missed it.
Do you plan to continue painting, and if so, will you continue this focus?
I do plan to continue painting and I would like to keep working with dreamscapes.
The 2013 Senior Art Thesis Exhibition is currently on display in the upstairs Founder’s Gallery.

1 response to Senior Thesis Spotlight: Martha McGehee

  1. your paintings look great here Martha, dark and luminous at the same time. the images are bringing to mind Remedios Varo a little they also translate well into the small format of the computer screen

    keep up the great work.

    rob millard-mendez

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