If you like animation, you should go to the Animated! exhibition that opened last Friday at the Greenhill Gallery in downtown Greensboro. If you don’t like animation, go anyway.

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The exhibition was curated by Edie Carpenter, and represents 24 artists whose work is inspired by animation.  These works include sculpture, painting, storyboards, collage, pottery, jewelry, and of course, video installations.


            Yes, they even had people dressed up like characters from Beauty and the Beast.                                                                       

I went to check it out during the First Friday Gallery Crawl, and was not disappointed.  It’s the kind of set up where you walk through the gift shop and into a little room, where you are greeted by a bunch of cool pottery and sketchbook pages from local artists, including our very own Roy Nydorf, who teaches drawing and printmaking at Guilford.

Then, you walk into the main gallery where you will experience everything from toy robots, to interactive animation that you can control with your own body movements. They even have an incredibly detailed, electricity-wired dollhouse that you can stick your head through the floor of…just in case you ever wanted to know what it would be like to do that.

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In my opinion, the interactive media was some of the coolest stuff there. The Long View is a Kinect interactive projection that allows the viewer to affect certain components of the animation by moving their hands and body. Created by Pat FitzGerald, Lee Cherry, Daniel Lunk, Dwayne Martin, and James Martin, it uses video game technology to comment on the relationships between nature, industrialization, and time.  I found it to be a strong manifestation of how our own individual actions affect the planet we live on.


Go check it out! It’s there until November 9.

Other upcoming events associated with the Animated! exhibition:

On Wednesday, September 18, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Dr. Heather Holian, Associate Professor of Art History at UNCG, will give a slide lecture that addresses the question, “Is studio animation fine art?”  My answer is, “Yes, it most definitely is.”

On September 29th, from 5:30pm to 7pm, the Greenhill will also host a screening of selected animated shorts by NC-based artists from the 2012 BLOC PROJECTS animation project.  This screening will take place in the Music Room of the Greensboro Cultural Center.

On Wednesday, October 2, from 5:30 to 7pm, there will be an Animated! Artists’ Dialogue, featuring animators Ryan Buyssens, Patrick Fitzgerald, Heather Freeman and Marc Russo. These ANIMATED! artists working in digital time-based mediums informally discuss the process, influences, and meanings of their art. Buyssens invents interactive, kinetic objects and environments, Freeman creates animated narratives and Russo discusses the origins, development, and fabrication of his video installation based on the Biblical text from the Book of Revelations. Talk will be in The Gallery at Greenhill and is Free and Open to the public.

On Wednesday, October 23, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, there will be another “Animated!’ Artists’ Dialogue, Featuring animation-inspired artists Bill Fick, Thomas Spradling, Stephanie Freese, Paul Friedrich + Brett McDonough. These ANIMATED! artists discuss the process and influences of their animation-inspired art. Printmaker Bill Fick will discuss his wall installations, adapted from the Murray Comic Book Collection at Duke University. Thomas Spradling will introduce his work in relation to historic and contemporary Japanese art forms including Ukiyo-e and anime. Stephanie Freese will present her film noir and art nouveauinspired web comic series and graphic novel, The Dada Detective. Nationally known comic book artist Paul Friedrich will introduce his Low-Pop comic strips such as the Onion Head Monster and comic books like Admiral Ackbar’s Guide to Everything. Brett McDonough sculpts enigmatic, original characters in clay.

For more information, map and directions, visit the Greenhill website at

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  1. Roy H Nydorf says:

    Good review Hannah!! It was an exciting opening.


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