Juried Student Art Show

Hey guess what time it is? It’s time for you (yes, you!) to submit your own lovely creations to the student art show that’s right around the corner!

DEADLINE———-    WEDNESDAY, October 30th   by NOON



What are the requirements?

  • Each student may submit up to 3 artworks in any medium.
  • Students do not have to be art majors and artworks do not need to have been made for an art class.
  • Work must have been completed within in the last year, and not previously shown at Guilford.
  • All work must have an entry form attached (forms available from art faculty).

To whom do I submit my art?

  • Paintings and drawings ———–Adele Wayman
  • Prints and drawings—————–Roy Nydorf
  • Sculpture and 3D designs———-Mark Dixon
  • Ceramics———————————Charlie Tefft
  • Photographs and digital art——–Maia Dery


Where do I find these people?

For those of you who are not taking art classes at Guilford, you will find them at the Hege Cox building. It’s the one made out of bricks.

…just kidding. It’s the one next to Founders with the big sculpture in front of it.

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