We’re back..and with a few ANNOUNCEMENTS!

We hope all of our Guilford community member readers had a great and relaxing break. Here are a few things happening in our world that YOU should be a part of:

First, don’t miss out on this year’s PHOTOTHON, coming up this Saturday night from 7-11pm. Come enjoy refreshments and live music, as well as practice your photography skills. There are a few spots left for  PAID, CLOTHED and NUDE modeling, so please email if you are interested, or have any questions. Check it out on Facebook and we’ll see you there!

Next, the Annual Student Art Show is coming up and you won’t want to miss this great opportunity to show off your work! The deadline to submit is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30th at NOON. This is not limited to art majors and all students may submit up to three pieces in any medium. Be sure your work is from the last year and has not been shown at Guilford before. To submit your work, fill out a submission form found here, and hand in your pieces and forms to the professor teaching in your respective medium. Please email Kathryn Shields at shieldsk@guilford.edu if you have any questions.

This next week if sure to be a great one for Guilford Art! Check back soon for our most recent articles and updates!

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