What’s Up With Our Classes?! Episode #2: The Painting Adventure of November 4th

Once upon a time, not all that long ago,

Adele’s Painting I took a trip down the road.

It was a brisk but sunny November morn,

And soon we discovered it was far from the norm.

We met behind Hege-Cox, the two-story art building of brick,

With whom we would ride was what we would pick.

I hopped in a car with Julie, Samantha, Layla, and Adele,

Then we traveled a while and talked for a spell.


After a leisurely drive between beautiful trees,

We came to the place so anxious to be seen.

Adele’s cozy abode was nestled neatly in nature,

“And it’s warm and toasty inside, I’d wager.”

As we stepped inside everyone had a grin,

(It’s always exciting to see what the teacher lives in!)

Welcomed inside by a cat with grey fur,

Adele asked if coffee or tea we’d prefer.

We walked through doorways and up a set of stairs,

Exploring the nooks of a home made with care.

Everywhere we looked we saw unique items and artifacts,

From paintings to furniture, realistic and abstract.

Gathered around a table, I sipped my tea with my chums,

Thinking in this space there’s no way to be glum.

We spoke for a while about an upcoming presentation,

One we must give with very close observation.


Finally is was time to go to what the class came to see –

The studio is a place where an artist can be free.

We made our way outside  where autumn colors abound,

Beautiful leaves were making their way to the ground.


We found our way inside and the first things I saw,

Were intensely painted canvases from wall to wall.

There was a series of water Adele had up to show,

And, as you can see, all that can be said is, “Whoa.”

There were brushes and paints and other tools of the trade –

Adele happily explained everything we surveyed.

It was helpful to see see a real  pro’s studio unfurled,

It’ll be good to recall when we’re turned loose on the world.


Everything was so perfect we decided we might stay,

Caitlin and I joked we’d like to move in and play!

“You won’t know we’re here!” I promised with a sly smile,

“I don’t have another class – so I’ll just stay for a while.” 


Unfortunately for us, schoolwork began calling our name,

We had to get back and, from moving in with Adele, refrain.

Returning to Guilford was a bittersweet journey,

But in her studio, we’d done quite a bit of learning.


We gained some insight into the life of an artist,

Though our span of time there was not the largest.

It’s definitely a place I’d like to visit again,

And certainly an experience I’d recommend.


 But, why a poem, Hannah? Oh,  I’m so delighted you asked!

You see, like a poem, paintings can move slow or fast –

So next time you see one, pay attention to movement and pattern,

Paint works like words to create rhythms that matter.




We visited Adele’s studio to see her preparations for an upcoming show at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC – Opening reception and Artist Talk beginning at 5:30 on Friday, November 22. Click the following links to check the details!

A Painter’s Journey – Conversations with Nature

See the complete invitation!

And just in case you haven’t been completely convinced to check it out yet, Adele has provided a sneak peek with “Falling Water.”

Falling Water

3 responses to What’s Up With Our Classes?! Episode #2: The Painting Adventure of November 4th

  1. Julie Dameron says:

    Hannah, What a wonderful description. I am delighted that you used poetry because it was an experience of all the senses. Your writing brought back the sense of wonder of that day.

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