“Adele Wayman: Paintings and Altars” at TAG

A Painter’s Journey – Conversations with Nature

In the “Anticipation” article yesterday, Adele said that she was most excited to have her friends, family, and colleagues  come view her work hanging together and complete in the gallery. Well, if I was her, I’d be very happy, indeed. There was such a crowd there! And more people just kept coming up the stairs to Gallery B at Theatre Art Galleries where Adele’s show will be until January 3rd. I saw professors from various departments at Guilford, along with many fellow students. I even brought my grandparents!

Adele had us happily following at her heels around the gallery as she spoke to us about certain pieces in the show – the altars full of symbols and family ties, the water and nature paintings brimming with metaphor, realism mixed with abstraction. Everything showcases spirituality and human connection to nature and ourselves. For me, it was a fantastic experience to have my grandparents with me, especially since Adele’s subject matter is so familial and personal. That and I knew my Nana would love the altarpieces and more collage-type aspects! They got a kick out of seeing what I do as a student and Hand/Eye blogger.

I really loved the spiritual connections apparent in every single piece. I was especially intrigued by the water paintings in which the water rushes at the viewer. It’s easy to get lost in both as a work of art itself and as a metaphor for being a student, artist, and individual. Even our trip around the gallery tour became kind of a metaphor for life’s journey as we heard Adele’s details about each piece. Each piece carried weight but still retained a whimsical air.

On a lighter note, Adele shared a rather amusing story with us – she actually came and repainted one of the pieces after it had already been hung in the gallery! An artist’s work is never done, and if something isn’t quite right, the creator will know and have to fix it, even if it means they have to fix it while it’s being displayed. There were also posters available of “Falling Water,” the sneak peek from my previous article – you better believe I got myself one of those! Can’t wait to hang it up in my dorm room.

Now, I know this is mainly about Adele, but I just can’t leave you without mentioning the exhibit hanging in the main gallery. “Facescapes”  by Dan Smith is absolutely stunning as well. I actually loved seeing both this show and Adele’s hanging in the same building. In TAG’s pamphlet “TAGlines,” Smith writes, “The human face…is an on-going source of inspiration that offers me a multitude of of expressive, stylistic, and technical possibilities.” That makes me think of Adele’s story of how she goes out fly fishing in her waders, feeling the water rush by and how that is an on-going inspiration to her.

Well, after finally seeing what all the hype was about, I will certainly urge you to check it out if you haven’t – There are definitely some cool things going on at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point!

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Chris Austin took some fantastic pictures from the opening which he was kind enough to share on the “Anticipation” article – be sure the check them out HERE!


As mentioned above, Adele’s show is up until January 3rd, as is Dan Smith’s “Facescapes.”

Visit TAG’s Website for further information on these and their other exciting opportunities.

2 responses to “Adele Wayman: Paintings and Altars” at TAG

  1. adelewayman says:

    Hannah. Thanks so much for doing this and writing it in such a fun yet thoughtful way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and meeting your grandparents. Adele

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