Drink & Draw at Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema

Are you looking for something to do in the greater Greensboro area? Perhaps an outlet for your pent up creative energy? Then look no further than Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema.


Every Wednesday from 7-9pm they offer an event called Drink & Draw- “a chance for graphic artists to meet one another, practice and hone their craft, and draw original artwork which they can share with the community.” As if this venue wasn’t cool enough.

Drink & Draw is exactly what it sounds like- drinking (alcohol optional) whilst drawing using a variety of art supplies that are provided for you by host Michole Miller.

But wait, here’s the best part. Once you’re done with your art, send it to the Geeksboro scanner to be posted on their Facebook wall for the world to see.

(Or at least anyone invested in the world of social media…)

“Soda Pop Cowboy”

These people- yourself included- can then vote on the artwork they like the best. If you’re art gets the most “likes” that week, you receive a FREE coffee drink. That’s right, absolutely free.

Art, drinks and camaraderie sound like my kind of party, so I decided to check Drink & Draw out for myself.

“Food For Thought”

When I arrived, I met Michole and “the regulars”- those who come out weekly to participate. I could see there was a great amount of talent among them, but that should not serve as discouragement for anyone looking to join. The group encourages new members of all skill sets.

Additionally, they welcome you at any time of the night. So stay the whole two hours or stop by and sketch for 30 minutes- it’s totally your call!

“Back to School”

The weekly theme can be wildly specific or painfully vague. Some prior themes have been “Waking Up in Strange Places” and “Cold Blooded” (in addition to what’s represented in the images above).

The night I attended, the theme was simply “Figures”. Imagine all the places you can go with that! If you are intrigued, be sure to browse through the Facebook archive in the next week or so for the full collection.

If Drink & Draw sounds like something you would be into, drop by Geeksboro any Wednesday night for some fun. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

Photos: Aaron Silvers via Flickr; Drawings: Geeksboro Facebook page

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