Greensboro’s newest creative space: The Forge!

Greensboro is home to a new space called The Forge They can also be found on Facebook. Cast in the shadow of maker spaces before it, The Forge is first and foremost a community. It provides a space where people from all walks of life can come together and share space, resources, and ideas. Open 24/7, The Forge is bound to be a hub of creativity and innovation that isn’t intended for artists alone, but one in which many could really benefit from.

Stocked with everything from welding equipment to lathes to 3d printers and laser engravers, The Forge has more than enough tools to keep a creative mind busy with a multitude of mediums to work with, and more than enough space to do so.

laser engraving of Greensboro skyline
Even though The Forge has only been open a couple months, it is already being tapped by members of the art community. Whitfield, pictured below, was the first person to use the space to create something. He has been building instruments, including the bass guitar he is pictured with at The Forge. Bob Johnson, on October 18th at 2pm will be teaching a class on how to make instruments out of recycled materials such as cigar boxes or firm reels. Stop by to see how he does it, or even just to hear him play!


Although classes are limited to members only, there is plenty of time between now and then to become a member. Although their website does not advertise it specifically, the membership fee of 45 dollars a month may be cost-prohibitive to some students, but they also offer a student level membership without voting rights for just $25 a month.

I, for one, am very excited to see the Forge grow and thrive in this city, and I expect to see it do so. I hope the artist community as a whole benefits from this unique and innovative space. The possibilities are endless, and the community surrounding the Forge is just beginning to come together. With less than a hundred members, it is an exciting time to get involved with an organization I expect to be doing big things in the creative community and beyond in the very near future.

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