Sell Your Art for Profit at Spartan Trader!

Imagine you walk into a store. Local, handmade goods line the shelves. Intricate woven bracelets alternate with hand-knit scarves. Pottery and sculptures intercept. A rack of screen-printed shirts catch your eye, each with a unique design. Your gaze is drawn upwards to a canvas on the wall. It is one of your favorite pieces in the store. The signature at the bottom is yours.

This scenario does not have to be a fantasy thanks to Spartan Trader– a sustainable consignment shop located on UNCG’s campus. Spartan Trader works with local artisans to both support their work and provide local products to the Greensboro community.

uncgArtists of any sort are notoriously prolific- especially if they are an art student. For those of you with lots of finished projects lying around, you may feel that selling them is the perfect solution to the buildup.

Rather than letting them collect dust, let them collect profit!

Even if you aren’t the over-abundant type, Spartan Trader is worth looking into. Bringing your pieces there is a good way to get your name out. Who knows, you might even develop a following!

The good news is that Spartan Trader is not at all picky about what you sell. As long as it is made by you (and not offensive), it is pretty much good to go. One thing to note is that Spartan Trader prefers art made with eco-conscious materials as part of their “sustainability” efforts.local

The next best part is that there is no fee to sell. You can consign your products for absolutely free.

But here’s a downside: if the product sells, Spartan Trader gets 30% of the profit. Sure it could be worse, but money is money- and 30% can have quite an impact on your final earnings. Depending on the initial price of your goods, you may decide that this cost is not even worth it.

There are many Guilford students currently making sculptures, paintings, jewelry and more. You may be one of them. If so, it’s time you expanded your outreach beyond Guilford. Everyone may love what you make, but after a while you are merely preaching to the choir.

Bringing your work off-campus (and to a different school, at that) will give you the recognition that your craft deserves!

Don’t be thrown off by the fact that the store is affiliated with another college. They have stated outright that they welcome artists from other Triad schools. Check out their consignment program to fulfill their wishes and yours!

Drop by Spartan Trader (Monday through Friday 11am-7pm or Saturday 12pm-5pm) to inquire about selling your own handmade products. At the least, you’ll go home with experience. And even better, perhaps a few bucks and some new recognition.

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